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The Executive Officers of the community board include: Jackie Seth (Chair), Mica Saunders (Vice-Chair), Ernestine Jones-Jolivet (Board Development Chair), and Ashley Scott (Secretary).

Members of the board from the Greater Maryland Community include: Thomasine Baskerville, Crystal Day-Black, Teriko Epps, Maria Gray-Bowie, Peggy Jackson, Carolyn Jenkins, Jose Jimenez (Media and Communications Committee Chair), Elouise Mayne, Randy Mortis, Marina Nellius, Deborah Peaks-Coleman, Natasha Ramberg, Valerie Richardson, Mary Ellen Smackum, Anna Smolensky (Community Education Committee Chair), and Marlyn Taylor. Johns Hopkins Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (JHADRC) faculty and staff associated with the Board include: Marilyn Albert, Rostislav Brichko, Cassandra Hendrie, Andrea Nelson, and Corinne Pettigrew (Research Committee Chair).

The Johns Hopkins Memory Center will offer Board members the following benefits and resources:

  1. Staff support for local community events aimed at senior with and without memory disorders.

  2. Promotion of advocacy groups and community leaders within the Johns Hopkins University network.

  3. Referral to Hopkins care and research opportunities.

  4. Opportunities to attend educational seminars and lectures.

Board members will participate in the following activities:

  1. Attend 3-4 daytime meetings per year (quarterly) at Johns Hopkins Mount Washington Campus.

  2. Serve as ambassadors that distribute information regarding the memory disorders within the community.

  3. Provide feedback on the research to investigators through participation in panel discussions, written recommendations, or review of study brochures.

  4. Help the MACAB form relationships with community leaders and advocacy groups.


Volunteer service opportunities offered by the Memory Center include:

  1. Represent the MACAB at 1-2 local events.

  2. Arrange or conduct an educational presentation on memory loss.

  3. Participate in panel discussions regarding memory loss, mental health, and research

  4. Participate on one a committee of the MACAB concerning either education, research or membership.

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