Three committees work to facilitate the goals of the MACAB

Board Development Committee: The Board Development Committee will work with the Executive Committee to set priorities for membership recruitment, plan new member orientation, evaluate member satisfaction and recommend updates to bylaws.

Examples of potential activities include:
Identifying individuals who are interested in joining MACAB, conducting phone or in-person interviews with potential members, assisting in orientation of new members, developing surveys to evaluate member satisfaction and contacting members that have missed several meetings.


Community Education Committee: The Community Education Committee will work with the Executive Committee to identify community events the MACAB might support, help recruit volunteers for events, and participate in community events.

Examples of potential activities include:
Arranging for a presentation on Memory Loss at a senior center; contacting a church to determine their interest in hosting an event on Memory Loss; volunteering 2-4 hours of time to help manage the MACAB table at a health fair;

Research Committee: The Research Committee will work with the Executive Committee to provide researchers with guidance on the development of culturally relevant recruitment and outreach activities.

Examples of potential activities include:
Reviewing a flyer or brochure to provide input on whether the study description is clear and easy to understand, reviewing slides prepared for a presentation to be sure they are easy to understand and culturally sensitive, participating on a panel at a community event where Memory Loss is discussed.


Tel: 410-550-2281


The Memory and Aging Community Advisory Board (MACAB) is a group of dedicated people whose overall concern is the physical, mental, and social well-being of the senior community of Greater Baltimore.


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